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In Your Street: NN3 5

Good Afternoon, this is Jason, from Northwood Estate Agents, and this week we're In Your Street at Ibstock Close, covering the NN3 5 Postcode.

This location is quite popular due to its reasonable prices and great travel links with the A45 and 43. It is also close to Moulton Park and Weston Favell shopping, so it has a nice community feel,

I'm currently looking in this area on behalf of an investor, who wishes to buy one or two homes to rent out.

Properties in this area are usually well-priced and are particularly popular.

The most expensive property on Ibstock Close, for example, was NUMBER 11, which sold for £340,000 in 2019. In regards to the NN3 4 postcode, the average price of detached homes is £307k, £200k for semi-detached, and £184k for terraced homes. Flats sit at about £105k.

As I've noticed a lot on my travels, these numbers are surprisingly low - and could likely see a large increase with more activity.

The rental market is particularly strong due to a supply and demand issue. The average house goes for £974pcm, and the average apartment goes for £715. However, I could see a 3-bed Semi-detached easily for £1,200 in today's market. I think whoever leaps first in this area will find the most success with the sale or let of their property.

As always, if you're interested in getting an accurate valuation, you can contact me on:

01604 607080


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