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Market Reports show increase in Cash Buyers!

The latest market reports, correlated by DataLoft, show that there is a strong presence of cash buyers in the market. 35% of sales in Great Britain are currently cash, compared to 30% the same month the year before.

The proportion of cash buyers has risen in all regions over the last year, with the exception of Scotland.

Higher mortgage costs have impacted affordability in the past twelve months, meaning cash buyers have an advantage.

The South West has the highest proportion of cash buyers at 43%, up from 35% a year ago. Meanwhile, London has the lowest share of cash buyers in the country at 27%, however, this has still risen from 20% a year ago. Source: #Dataloft by PriceHubble, UK HPI. February 2024.

Over here at Northwood Northampton, we have definitely found a lot more interest from Cash Buyers of properties.

We've had a few come onto the market that are Cash-Only and they're receiving favourable reception.

If you are a cash buyer, now is the time to begin investing in all of the opportunities that have become available.

And if you have a home that is only available to cash buyers - either due to size or other circumstances - it's best to take advantage of this boom to get your property

Looking to get a valuation of your property to know exactly how much it could go for? Contact us on 01604 607080.

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