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Summer Surge for Lettings

According to studies, the best time for new tenancies is in the middle of summer!

Around a third of all new tenancies for the year will start in the next 3 months.

And it's no wonder. Not only is the summer sun the perfect time to move somewhere new but it also has the advantage of being the time when most students take their leave from their student homes and begin looking for their next big adventure!

Likewise, families could take this time to search for the next home more suitable for their children to kick start a brand new school year without an awkward mid-year transition.

In general, better weather and more free time opens up people to have more opportunities to view properties.

  • On average, a third of new rental contracts start during July, August and September according to data covering 2016-2024 from Dataloft Rental Market Analytics by PriceHubble.

  • At this time of year, large numbers of rental homes change hands as graduates start new jobs, students arrive at university for the first time and others move in with friends.

  • The number of students applying for university or college in 2024 is 0.7% higher than 2023 and the second highest number on record - which will further increase demand this year. Source: #Dataloft Rental Market Analytics by PriceHubble

You find that interest in properties comes in waves like the sea washing against the sandy summer beaches. The start start may come slow, but the pace soon picks up as you get deeper into the season!

Getting started for the Summer surge of tenants means you need to get your foot in the door by July.

If you're eager to get your property valued you can book in a FREE valuation by calling us on 01604 607080 or emailing


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